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Engineering excellence has come to Murrurundi in the form of the models from the “Beautiful Mechanism Series“ which are part of the Art of Engineering.

Housed in the village’s church hall exhibition centre, the objects are from Raymond McLaren’s collection and shown for the first time in the Hunter region of NSW.

Designed to promote engineering excellence, the 11 objects were negotiated by president Des Dugan with the owners, Andromeda of Moonbi, NSW.

“Used in the aircraft and automotive sectors, the working models include the Oleostatic Bent Axis Motor,“ Mr Dugan said.

“Commonly known as the hydrostatic motor, it’s purpose is to convert oleostatic flow as used in military aircraft for lowering wheels, opening doors. It is also used in aerospace applications . . . but we would have to shoot you if we told you where!.

“However, the item that gets most of the kids going is the constant velocity joint as used on Subaru vehicles and other four-wheel drives.

“Very few people have seen one displayed or know how they work.

“However, we have been extremely lucky to have on loan a fully working model.“

Meanwhile, beautifully boxed in timber they are a flow-on to the museum’s “Before Power“ exhibition.

This exhibition features life before things got electrified.

The exclusive local collection features the farm-improvised kerosene tin kitchen cupboard and sink along with a range of irons from the charcoal filled to the gas injected and the flat stove irons.

We also have a pre-1900 bike complete with kerosene headlamp and not to leave out the old ice-box and meat safe.

The old wind-up gramophone and music box will bring back memories to some along with the mangle wringer and push-pull washing tub.

Come and visit. It is a free exhibition.

Weekends 10-1:00 or by appointment.



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