Happy mortning's excursion

Schoolkids marvel at history quirks . . .

A group of school children from Murrurundi Public School left with smiling faces following a visit to the village's exhibition centre and cottage.

Photographed after roundup on the verandah with our period maids, Carmel and Gwen, the children left with smiling faces and inquisitive minds promising to return.

The first visit was to the before late 1800s and early 1900s before wires were connected and generators fired up.

Called Before there was Power, the exhibition features exhibits and photographs of what it was like before electricity came to the upper reaches of the Hunter Valley.

Of particular interest was the working clothes mangle with the children marvelling at the big rollers and the wringing process.

The next was the engineering exhibition with its moving parts irrespective of the engineering excellence behind the scene — what moved entertained.

Last but not least was the visit to the Pioneer Cottage and in paerticular the ouside dunny and the dog in the log.

His indolence furnished questions to his longevity while the 'dunny' was a continual source of amusement until the stories about the redbacks under the dunny seat caused evacuation.

Many did not believe people lived under these circumstances although Carmel and Gewn in period costume helped to sell the history.



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